What was the most popular poem in 2020?

At the end of March 2021, I saw the following question show up in my Quora feed and being a popular poet on social media, I answered it.

Here’s my response to what is potentially, The Most Read Poem of 2020.

What poem was read the most in 2020?

This is too hard to measure accurately, because there’s so many different avenues where a poem may appear. For example, there are poems posted everyday on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. As well, you have poems published in books and literary journals on a monthly and quarterly basis. They all have different readerships and audiences.

With that said, I can attest to the fact that my poem, “She Called Me Night” was read by more than 10 million people on Facebook alone in 2020.

She called me Night, because I loved the darkness / And I nicknamed her Luna, because she reflected the sun
Alexander Bentley’s most popular poem, She Called Me Night

Now, I don’t know if “She Called Me Night” was the most read poem of 2020, as there are other talented poets, such as Lang Leav, Rupi Kaur and Rudy Francisco that get a lot of views and engagement on the poems they post to their social media accounts.

But I’d say 10 million reads on a single poem is a remarkable feat and I feel blessed to have had so many people read my poem.

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