Poets Who Buy Instagram Followers

If you’re following a large poetry account on Instgram, whether it’s a personality or a curated feed of poems, then there’s a good chance that account paid for followers sometime in the past.

The other option on how a poetry account grew their followers by hundreds of thousands or millions is if they had a celebrity or A-Star influencer repost their poems on Instagram. If that never happened, it’s more than likely they bought followers or paid B-Star influencers to promote them.

It’s a rare exception when an Instagram poet has over 100K followers and they didn’t sell their soul for followers. I only know of a handful of large poetry accounts that built up their audience organically.

In my opinion the practice of purchasing followers is unethical and a fabricated way to make you look more socially acceptable on the network. I stand behind this statement regardless if it’s a poetry or writing account, or in some other industry. But when it comes to poetry accounts, it’s highly unethical and it goes counter to everything poetry stands for.

Writing poetry is about turning thought into emotion while connecting with a group of readers. To me, it’s more important to connect with a few readers on a genuine level than have thousands of likes on a poem I posted on Instgram. In fact, posting poetry on Instagram or any social network almost appears to be counter intuitive to what poetry stands for.

Social media, including Instagram, focuses on fast and flashy content. While poetry focuses on deeper, genuine emotions and being fully absorbed by the reader. The latter can’t happen when users are quickly browsing through their Instagram feed, tapping the heart icon and moving onto the next piece of content in the endless sea of photos.

I’ve personally struggled with the ethics of sharing my poetry on Instragram in recent years. Obviously, I created a successful Instagram account that allowed thousands upon thousands of people to discover my poetry, from all over the world. But I’ve been troubled by what passes as poetry these days on social media. There’s no thought or emotion behind most of it. And don’t even get me started on the plagiarism that runs rampant on the social network. As you can imagine, this has left me at odds.

Given this outlook, you can see why I’d be against people buying Instagram followers to further promote their quotes, epigrams and poems. Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean their writings are good or added any value to a person’s life.




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Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley

30M+ Views on Social | 500K+ Followers | 5X Author | 7X Medium Top Writer | Ready to Join My Tribe? Subscribe At Your Own Risk—join.alexbentley.xyz

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