Alexander Bentley (me) reading poems to his wife.

I appreciate you stopping by. I’ve prepared this page to make it easy for you to know me and my blog posts. Below is a list of my most popular articles on Medium.


Here are some of my best poems and poetry related articles.


Here are some of my best articles about writing.

And how I learned turkeys are scarce on this island paradise

The Author and his wife’s first Thanksgiving meal.

Just the other day, my wife and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving holiday together.

Since I’m an American living abroad, I wanted to uphold one of America’s favorite traditions—the Day of Giving Thanks for Our Blessings (i.e. Thanksgiving).

As well, since my wife and I have a lot to be…

Hint: All of my stats dropped dramatically

Sometimes you need a break from social media and/or Medium.

I basically took a break from everything social media—including writing on Medium.

It all started when I got locked out of my Facebook page.

As I’ve been traveling to multiple countries this year, finally landing semi-permanently in the Philippines, Facebook decided they needed to verify page ownership.

I guess they…

A quick guide for first-time international travelers + 7 bonus tips

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to bring and keep your passport secure.

Maybe you’ve had your sights set on traveling abroad for a while.

Or perhaps the idea just popped into your mind.

Either way, international travel is an exciting experience. Where you encounter new cultures, strange cuisines, and meet new people. Seeing the world differently through fresh eyes.

As a professional…

Or more specifically — how living your life is like writing a poem

Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom.

And if you’ve written a handful of poems or more in your lifetime, then my analogy should make sense to you.

But if you haven’t written poetry before, I’ll go through the process many poets take to write a poem.

First, a thought or idea comes to you. It could…

The pill that increases energy, focus and productivity

Imagine a life without fatigue. Without stress, anxiety or laziness.

Imagine being able to stay alert all day while maintaining your normal cognitive function.

Well, that’s exactly what Modafinil does.

You may have heard of it before. On the Internet, it’s usually marketed as a nootropic drug that helps people…

The dirty truth about having a large following on social media

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Let’s say you have a choice.

At least when it comes to social media.

You get to be popular or you get paid.

Popularity on social media means you have a large following — maybe millions of followers on one or more platform.

Paid means you’re making money through social…

Alexander Bentley

My friends call me Alex. I’m a writer with a penchant for poetry. Interested in the inner workings of the mind and how technology affects our lives.

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